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“Welcome to Islip, the 3rd largest town in New York State, but with an endearing small town feel. We are so proud of our town…our beaches, golf courses, marinas, parks, housing opportunities for all, businesses, industrial parks, healthcare and educational institutions including our own Islip MacArthur Airport that provides many job opportunities. I sincerely hope you find this website helpful.” Angie



Who qualifies for tax exemptions?
STAR Exemption: The residence must be the taxpayer’s primary residence and the taxpayer’s gross income must be less than $500,000. This assessment applies only to school district taxes.

Enhanced STAR Exemption: The residence must be the primary residence of a taxpayer 65 years or older with an income that does not exceed $81,900. This assessment applies only to school district taxes.

Veteran Exemption: Applies to residents who served in the armed forces and were honorably discharged. Un-remarried spouses may apply if they have a death certificate. The alternative veteran exemption applies to residents who were on active service. The Cold War veteran exemption applies to residents who served on active duty for more than 365 days during the time period from September 2, 1945 to December 26, 1991.

Senior Exemption: Applies to residents 65 years of age of older. If a household contains a husband and wife, or two or more siblings, only one must meet the age requirement in order for the household to receive the exemption. The maximum income level for this exemption is $37,400.

Disabled Exemption: The residence must be owner-occupied and must be the disabled resident’s primary residence. The disabled resident must be receiving disability in order to qualify. The maximum income level for this exemption is $37,400. There is no age limitation.

Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Exemption: The residence must be the primary residence of the volunteer and the volunteer must appear on the official list of the Fire or Ambulance Department.

First Time Homebuyer Exemption: The resident must not have previously owned a home. The home must be new construction or have undergone major renovations.

Parent/Grandparent Exemption: This exemption applies to residents who put in an apartment for a parent or grandparent who is 62 years of age or older. Proof of the relationship must be provided through a birth certificate and proof must be provided to show the individual is using the apartment as the primary residence.

Home Improvement Exemption: Applies to properties to which an addition has been made within the last 5 years that does not exceed the total square footage of the original structure. It amounts to a phase-in of the new assessed value of the property over the course of eight years.

Clergy Exemption: Applies to residents who are ordained members of the clergy. If members of the clergy who are over the age of 70 cannot keep performing their clerical duties they are still eligible to receive this exemption.

Non-Profit Exemption: 501(c)(3)’s, religious organizations, hospitals, schools and other non-profit organizations are eligible for this exemption. The organization must have a constitution or bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Agricultural Exemption: Properties that are at least 7 acres in size which are used for crops, livestock or commercial horse boarding are eligible for this exemption if gross sales are $10,000 or more. If the property is smaller than 7 acres, gross sales must be $50,000 or more.

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How are exemption amounts calculated?
STAR Exemption: The values are provided each year by New York State. Everyone who receives the exemption receives the same exemption amount.

Enhanced STAR Exemption: The values are provided each year by New York State. Everyone who receives the exemption receives the same exemption amount.

Veteran Exemption: Each type of veteran exemption is calculated differently.
Alternative Exemption: The assessed value of the property is multiplied by 15% for veterans who served on active duty or 25% for veterans who served in combat. Additional percentage points are added if the veteran has a disability rating. The amount calculated through this formula is then compared to the amount calculated by multiplying $54,000 by the equalization rate for the given fiscal year. The calculation that is lesser in value is the exemption that gets applied to the property.

Cold War Exemption: The exemption is calculated by multiplying $12,000 by the equalization rate for the given fiscal year.

Eligible Exemption: Veterans who obtained the eligible exemption before eligibility closed, are able to have up to $5,000 in eligible funds and may receive up to a 100% exemption, based on eligible funds.

Senior Exemption: The exemption is calculated by multiplying a set percentage by the assessed value of the property. The set percentage is determined on a sliding scale based on the resident’s income level.

Disabled Exemption: The exemption is calculated by multiplying a set percentage by the assessed value of the property. The set percentage is determined on a sliding scale based on the resident’s income level.

Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Exemption: The exemption is 10% of the assessed value of the property.

First Time Homebuyer Exemption: The exemption lasts for 5 years. The first year, the exemption is 50% of the increased value of the assessment. The exemption is decreased by 10% each year for the remaining 4 years.

Parent/Grandparent Exemption: The exemption is equal to 100% of the increased assessed value of the property.

Home Improvement Exemption: The exemption is a phase-in of the new assessed value of the property.

Clergy Exemption: The exemption is $1,500.

Non-Profit Exemption: The exemption is a 100% exemption.

Agricultural Exemption: The exemption is based on the value of the acreage, as provided by New York State.

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How do I apply and when?
Every exemption must be applied for by March 1st of each year. The applications for many of the exemptions are available on the Town of Islip website. Each exemption has unique requirements for information that must be provided. Please see the applications for these requirements. Applications may also be downloaded here.

When will my exemption go into effect?
If the application is received by the March 1st deadline then the exemption will go into effect in December of the same year. If the application is received after the March 1st deadline the exemption will go into effect in December of the following year.

Do I have to reapply every year for the same exemptions?
The following exemptions must be applied for each year: Enhanced STAR Non-IVP (Income Verification Program), Senior Exemption, Disabled Exemption, Parent/Grandparent Exemption, Clergy Exemption, Agricultural Exemption and Non-Profit Exemption. Additionally, volunteer firefighters and EMS workers who have served for less than 20 years must also reapply every year.

Are any of the exemptions income-based? If so, how is income defined for each?
The senior exemption, enhanced STAR Exemption, Disabled Exemption and First Time Home Buyer Exemption are all income-based. Enhanced STAR bases income on the adjusted gross income reported on income tax returns. The income level for the Senior and Disabled Exemptions base income on the amount of income reported on a 1099 and includes Social Security income. The First Time Home Buyer Exemption income requirement is determined using HUD income levels.

How will I know if my application was approved?
You will receive a postcard in the mail, usually within one or two months of submitting your application.

Why does my exemption amount change each year?
Exemption amounts may change from year to year, based on different variables.

STAR and Enhanced STAR Exemptions: The amount is set by New York State each year based on a formula.

Veteran Alternative and Cold War Exemptions: The amount may change based on the equalization rate for the given fiscal year.

Senior and Disabled Exemptions: The amount may change based on a change in the resident’s income.

Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Exemption: The amount may change if the assessed value of the property changes.

Home Improvement and First Time Home Buyer Exemptions: The amount will change each year because these exemptions are a phase-in of the new assessed value of the property.

When do the new increase to senior citizen, veteran and disabled exemptions go into effect?
The increases took effect on March 1, 2012 and was applied to the tax bill issued in December 2012.

Where can I get further information?
For further information please contact the Assessor’s Office at (631) 224-5585 or visit the New York State Office of Real Property Services at //

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How do I get to bid with the Town?
Bids and RFP's can be found on our
website, by mail (Town of Islip, Purchasing Department, 40 Nassau Avenue, Islip, NY 11751) or fax (631) 224-5517 a letter stating what products or services they wish to supply to the Town. The Purchasing Department will catalog this data, and at the time that a bid is being prepared and mailed, will notify interested parties.

You may also wish to subscribe to the Suffolk County News, since this is the official Town newspaper and all bids are advertised in their legal section. The paper publishes on Thursdays and may be contacted by calling (631) 475-1000.

A subscription to Suffolk County News is useful for a number of reasons. First, if the person/company has an extensive line card, sometimes it is difficult to store all services or products in the computer. Second, many times a person/company may move and not notify the Purchasing Department of such a move. Another reason is that sometimes the post office is delayed in delivering the bid package in enough time for interested parties to respond. We advise them that if they read a notice and feel that they should have received a copy, they can call or come in and receive the bid documents.

There is an exception to the above answer and interested parties are informed of this exception. Bids that originate from the Department of Public Works, Engineering, Resource Recovery or the Airport, are advertised, but bid packages are not mailed. In this case, it is the responsibility of the person/company to obtain the documents at the respective departments by paying a fee as stated in the legal notice. All necessary information as to where bid packages may be obtained is included in the “Notice to Bidders,” as well as information on when and where bids will be opened and publicly read aloud. 

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Department of Human Services

What is the age requirement to be a Senior Citizen in the Town of Islip and where can I apply for Medicare?
The Town of Islip considers persons 60 years of age and older a Senior Citizen. Anyone needing information on Medicare can call 1-800-633-4227 or go to The age requirement for Medicare is 65.

Where can I get emergency housing and food?
Persons needing information on Section 8 housing can contact the Town of Islip Housing Authority at (631) 589-7100. For housing and food assistance, call the Suffolk County Department of Social Services, Hauppauge Office, at (631) 853- 8714. For emergency housing, call the Suffolk County Department of Social Services Emergency number after 4 p.m. - (631) 854-9100.

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Department of Environmental Control

How can I obtain a new Recycling pail?
To obtain a new recycling pail please fill and submit the WRAP Pail Form, or call the Department of Environmental Control at (631) 224-5380. This office will mail you a card which you must present when you pick up the pail at one of three (3) satellite locations. Each resident is eligible to receive one (1) new pail every 12 months. Clink on the following link to download this year's WRAP Calendar.

What am I allowed to put out for garbage collection?
The Town of Islip allows residents to put out just about any type of household waste and rubbish, provided it’s put out correctly. Residents can call (631) 595-3630 and one of our Constituent Service Representatives will be glad to send you an information package. Click on the following links to download specifications for solid waste collection: Normal garbage pail districts, or Large 90 gallon (black pail) districts.

How do I report a concern with my Sanitation Collection?
To report a concern regarding the sanitation collection at your home, you may call an Environmental Control Representative at (631) 595-3630, Monday–Friday between 8:30am–5:00pm, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or click her for a fillable concern form.

Do I need to request a special pick-up?
The Town of Islip doe not require appointments for special collections. Most items can be collected on your regular collection days. Sanitation crews collect 3 bulk items on your last collection day of the week and collect bulk metal appliances every Wednesday. For more information regarding garbage collection specifications CLICK HERE.

Where can I dispose of Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste?
Islip residents currently receive three (3) curbside collections a week. Residents interested in using our facilities may incur a fee. The Town operates 3 waste disposal facilities:

For more information on these locations, you may visit their facility pages by clicking on the titles above, or by visiting the Department of Environmental Control information page.

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Long Island MacArthur Airport

How do I purchase a resident parking sticker?

Residents of the Town of Islip are eligible to purchase a Resident Parking Permit via mail or by stopping into MacArthur Airport.Proper proof of residency is required to purchase the permit, and permit holders are able to park in 6, 6A or 6B, the designated Town Resident Parking Lots. Please click here to download a copy of the Resident Parking Permit Form.

For additional information or to have questions answered regarding the resident parking program, visit us at or kindly contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email.

What are the parking rates?
The airport provides short-term/hourly parking, long-term/daily parking and economy parking. Please visit our website at for parking rates and locations.

Disabled Persons with valid disabled parking permits can park in the Short-Term (hourly) lot if they cannot use the long-term parking lot. At time of payment, the disabled permit must be presented in order to be charged the reduced rate.

A cell phone waiting area is located in the back of Resident Lot 6B and is FREE, however, drivers must remain with their vehicles at all times.

What items are considered to be prohibited from being on an aircraft?
For a complete list of prohibited items, please check the official website of the Transportation Security Administration, The site offers a search box as well as a complete list of items that may or may not be checked into luggage or carried on by a traveler.

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Parks, Recreations, and Cultural Affairs

Why must I have an ID card?
You must have an ID card to register for programs and admission to Town Facilities. A Recreation ID card ensures that you are immediately recognized as a resident and given preference at all of our facilities.

Where can I get a Recreation Card?
A Town of Islip recreation card can be obtained at Brookwood Hall, the Brentwood and Greenbelt Recreation Centers as well as the Ronkonkoma Recreation Center and West Islip Community Center. *Non-resident recreation cards for Ronkonkoma Beach and East Islip Marina use are only available at Brookwood Hall. Senior Citizens (60 years and older) may use a Senior Citizen Card in lieu of a recreation card and can be obtained for free at the Town’s Division of Senior Citizens located at 401 Main Street, Islip.

How can I obtain a Disabled Parking Permit?
To obtain a disabled parking permit, call the Disabled Parking Permit Issuance Office at (631) 224-5335, or (631) 224-5312, and an application will be mailed to you. Applications may be obtained by clicking HERE or in person at Brookwood Hall, 50 Irish Lane in East Islip, as well.

If applying through the mail, you will be required to supply a copy of your driver’s license and a prescription from your doctor, along with the application. If applying in person, these items may be dropped off for processing at Brookwood Hall, 50 Irish Lane in East Islip.

When and where do I get newsletters and brochures?
The Town mails out two publications a year to Town residents. The Winter/Spring brochure and the Summer/Fall brochure. You may view the current brochure by visiting the Parks and Recreation Department page and additional copies may be obtained at Town recreation centers.

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Department of Public Works

How do I report a missing stop sign, street light outage, pothole, flooding, etc.?
To report a concern about flooding, pot holes, sidewalk repair, tree or snow removal, please call the Department of Public Works at (631) 224-5600. If you notice a street light outage, a missing or damaged traffic sign, please call the Traffic Safety Division at (631) 224-5535.

I have a sidewalk in front of my home. Do I have to take care of it?
As per Town Code, adjacent property owners are obligated to keep the sidewalk free and clear of snow, ice and other encumbrances, and in a state of good repair.

How can I get a traffic sign installed on my street?
Please submit a written request to the Division of Traffic Safety, at 401 Main Street, Islip, NY 11751, to initiate a survey.

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Office of the Receiver of Taxes

Where is my tax bill?
Tax bills are mailed in December. If you have not received it by the holidays call (631) 224-5580. You may now view and/or pay your bill online at anytime. Visit the Receiver of Taxes page for more information.

What are the due dates for payments?
First half, January 10. Second half, May 31.

Why did my taxes go up?
Budgets of various taxing jurisdictions, as well as an increase in your assessment, will cause an increase in taxes

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Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center

I've lost my pet, where do I go to see if it’s at the Animal Shelter?
The Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt-a-Pet Center is located at 210 South Denver Avenue, Bay Shore, off the Sunrise Highway South Service Road, just east of Brentwood Road. You must come to the Shelter to identify your pet in person.

How much does it cost to adopt an animal?
Those wishing to adopt a pet from the our Animal Shelter will still have to meet several criteria before being allowed to take a pet home with them. While most other Town's charge more, Islip charges a small fee of $100 for cats and $125 for dogs (does not include license fee). All adoption fees include Spay/Neuter and vaccination costs. Micro-chipping is available at an additional costs. 

If you are interested in adopting a pet please contact the Shelter at (631) 224-5660, or visit us on Pet Finder page and Facebook.

Where is the Shelter and Adobt a Pet Center located?
210 Denver Avenue, Bay Shore.

What are the Shelter hours?
9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Saturday.

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Department of Personnel and Labor Relations

Are there any job openings/How do I get a job with the Town?
You can view a list of Job Openings on our website. Most of our positions are hired from Civil Service lists. Applications for Suffolk County Civil Service tests are available in the Personnel Department at 655 Main Street, Islip. Applications for non-competitive and part-time jobs are also available at the above address, and are kept on file for a period of three (3) years.

Do you hire summer help?
We hire approximately 600 summer employees. Applications for these positions are available in the Personnel Department on December 1 for the following summer. Click HERE to view Summer Employment Opportunities.

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Town Clerk

How do we obtain a Marriage License?
A Marriage License may be obtained when: Both parties are present and supply: 1. Original Birth Certificates 2. Proof of Identification: One of the following: * a. Photo Drivers License or Non-Drivers ID * b. Valid Passport * c. Valid Legal Residency Card * d. Photo Military ID A fee of $40.00 (Personal Check, Cash or Money Order)

How do I license my dog?
You must fill out a Dog License Application: 1. Provide copy of spay/neuter information if this has been done, 2. Provide copy of Rabies Vaccination, 3. A fee of $6.00 for spayed or neutered animals is required and 4. A fee of $10 for unspayed/unneutered animals under 4 months of age or $13.00 for unspayed/unneutered animals over 4 months of age is required.

My neighbors and I want to have a block party, do we need a permit?
Yes, you need to fill out an Block Party Application which may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office. Upon receiving it, you must have 2/3 of the homeowners on your block give their approval by signing their names and addresses (only one owner per household) Fees: 2 fees are required 45 days prior to party- - a $25.00 fee is required which is non-refundable - a $50.00 separate fee is collected for a clean-up performance bond. (This fee will be returned to the applicant when proper cleanup has been performed)

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Registrar's Office

How do I obtain a copy of my Birth Certificate?
If you were born in the Town Of Islip, you can bring in a valid photo I.D. (Driver’s License) and there is a $10.00 fee per copy.

My spouse recently passed away, how do I obtain a copy of the Death Certificate?
If your spouse passed away in the Town of Islip, you can bring in a valid photo I.D. (Driver’s License) and there is a $10.00 fee per copy. You can request the above two certificates through the mail by including a notarized letter, a copy of your Driver’s License and a Money Order/Personal Check in the amount of $10 per copy.

I am doing a history of my family tree and would like to know when my great grandparents passed away, how do I find these records?
No information may be released if it is not older that 50 years for death records. Our records go as far back as 1881, and there is an $11.00 fee, which includes the search and an uncertified copy or notification of no record. You must provide a name and year of death.

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Department of Planning and Development

Why did the Building Division send me to the Planning Division when I tried to apply for a building permit or certificate of occupancy?
The Building Division is in charge of issuing permits for structures or uses that comply with both the Fire and Building Codes of New York State, as well as the Town’s zoning ordinance. Sometimes the zoning ordinance does not allow certain structures or uses on your property; therefore, building permits (or final certificates of occupancy) cannot be issued until you receive an approval from the Planning Division. For example, a property owner cannot build a small restaurant on a commercial property unless a Planning Board Special Permit has been processed and issued by the Planning Division.

Can I subdivide my property?
The subdivision of land in Islip is regulated by the zoning ordinance. In addition, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services may be involved in subdivision approval. In short, property owners should check the zoning of their land. Islip has 4 basic residential zoning categories with various area and width requirements: * Residence AAA District - 40,000 s.f. required - 150 feet wide * Residence AA District - 20,000 s.f. required - 100 feet wide * Residence A District - 11,250 s.f. required - 75 feet wide * Residence B District - 7,500 s.f. required - 75 feet wide In addition, each of these zoning categories have various building setback requirements from the front, rear, and side property lines. If property owners can show new lots which comply with these areas, width, and setback requirements, it is likely that a subdivision could be approved by the Planning Division. Note: Additional review, fees, and bond money may be required from the Engineering Division during the subdivision process.

Can I run a business out of my home?
The Town of Islip zoning ordinance allows businesses to exist inside a primarily residential structure under strict limitations as follows: * a) The use must be an office actively conducted inside a single family residence within a single family residential zone and must be an accessory use (not the primary use of the building). * b) The use must not change the character of the building as a residence or the character of the site as a residential plot. * c) The activity may employ a maximum of one nonresident and shall not occupy more than 25% of the gross floor area of the residence or in no case more than 500 square feet. * d) Parking for the home occupation use shall be screened from view pursuant to the direction of the Commissioner of Planning and Development or his/her designee. * e) The following uses shall be considered home occupations: the office of a single physician, dentist, chiropractor, lawyer, architect, engineer, surveyor, accountant, financial planner, insurance agent or teacher, provided that instruction is limited to a single pupil at one time. Additional details and regulations about home occupations are found within Section 68-3 of the Islip Town Code. Other office or any other more intense commercial uses are strictly prohibited in the residential zones. Check Section 68 of the Islip Town Code for more details.

What do I need to know about the construction of accessory wind turbines within the Town of Islip?
The Planning Department has prepared a comprehensive fact sheet regarding wind turbines. Click HERE to Download the PDF file.

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