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A Message from the Supervisor

“Welcome to Islip, the 3rd largest town in New York State, but with an endearing small town feel. We are so proud of our town…our beaches, golf courses, marinas, parks, housing opportunities for all, businesses, industrial parks, healthcare and educational institutions including our own Islip MacArthur Airport that provides many job opportunities. I sincerely hope you find this website helpful.” Angie


* Effective January 2, 2024, we will no longer be accepting cash at any of our disposal facilities. All transactions must be credit/debit only.

The Town of Islip currently operates a compost facility on a 40-acre site along the northern perimeter of MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma. The facility accepts yard waste, including grass*, leaves, tree and brush material brought to the facility by landscapers and residents. Vehicles entering the Compost Facility are directed over an inbound scale where they are weighed-in and advised where to dump their debris or pick-up compost and wood mulch. Upon exiting, vehicles dropping off debris must return to the outbound scale where the operator will inform the driver of the weight of materials dumped and the fees incurred, if any.

The mixed yard waste is shredded and processed into a rich soil conditioner called compost. Compost can be mixed with subsoils to produce topsoil. It can improve water retention in sandy soils and increase permeability to water and air in clay soils. When mixed with soils, it extends fertilizers by holding the nutrients in the soil and making them available for continued plant use. Shredded tree material is processed into wood mulch, which enhances landscape beauty and keeps weeds under greater control.

Compost and wood mulch are available for pickup, free of charge, to all Islip residents with their own shovels and containers. Compost and wood mulch are available for purchase by commercial customers. Residents and commercial customers can have compost and wood mulch loaded into their vehicles for $14/yard.

*As part of the Town's “Don't Bag It” Program. Grass clippings are accepted unbagged at the Compost Facility but are not collected curbside.

Current Fee Schedule*: Effective April 1, 2017.

  • Residents - no charge, with exceptions. Call a DEC Representative at (631)595-3630 for eligibility guidelines if you would like to use the facility for frequent/multiple large load trips, commercial vehicles, rental vehicles, trailers.
  • Islip Town Landscapers - $50 ton
  • $14 per yard Residential/Commercial Loading of Compost
  • $5 per yard Residential/Commercial Loading of Woodchips
*Subject to change

Hours of Operation:

The MacArthur Compost Facility is open from 7:00am – 2:30pm, Mondays – Fridays, and Saturdays (seasonal only).

Visit the Environmental Controlpage for more disposal facilities, information, events and programs.