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Byron Lake Park Renovation Project

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*UPDATED 2/2/2024

We are so excited to finally be moving forward with this long overdue Park improvement. We thank you for your patience and understanding while the Town works to renovate, rehabilitate, modernize and ultimately improve Byron Lake Park. This will be an attraction and asset for all Town of Islip residents to enjoy for many years to come.

At a glance: Work is currently underway to renovate the Byron Lake Park pool, concession area, septic system, as well as improve accessibility and surrounding beautification. Byron Lake itself is also being rehabilitated.

Residents are encouraged to use this page as a resource through the duration of the project, and to check back periodically for additional news and updates.

Questions or Concerns? Let us know directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or tap the letter icon below.





  1. Will the Park be closed?

    • Byron Lake Park may be closed to the public for safety reasons at intervals beginning October 3, 2022. Every attempt is being made to have some areas, when practical, available.

    • *UPDATE* – With the kick-off of the Lake Project on February 6, 2023, we have temporarily closed the park for safety reasons. Please check back to this FAQ page for updates on the closure.

  2. When will work begin?

    • The pool renovation began on October 3, 2022.

    • The lake rehabilitation began on February 6, 2023.

  3. What is the overall scope of the pool project?

    • The footprint of the pool project will have some minor changes – the building structure will remain relatively the same with many updates and improvements. The roof will be completely replaced, and attractive siding will be added to the building.

  4. Will the pools be updated?

    • The existing pools will be demolished from the ground up and new, state of the art pools will be installed.

  5. What about the concessions?

    • The concession area will be slightly increased and updated.

  6. How will the parking lot change?

    • The parking lot will remain as is. However, we will add a driveway up to the pool entrance to improve ADA accessibility, and create a drop-off area for patrons.

  7. What other work is planned for the pool project?

    • Upgrades to the septic system are being done per Health Department requirements.

    • Plans call for tree trimming and the removal of any dead or dying trees. There is no plan at present to remove trees that provide a buffer between the park and homes.

  8. When will construction take place?

    • Construction for the pool will be done during normal business hours.

  9. What is the overall scope of the lake project?

    • The lake project involves rebuilding the existing bulkhead, some reconstruction on the south end of the lake, and reconstructing the culverts for the walkways along the stream.

  10. Will water quality be a factor?

    • The lake water quality will improve once bulkheading, culverts, and other areas have been rehabilitated.

  11. Will the site be secured?

    • The site will be safely secured.

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