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Building Division- Permits Section
One Manitton Court - First Floor
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(631) 224-5466

OFFICE HOURS: Front Counter
Monday - Friday 
8:00am - 4:00pm

Extended hours: Wednesday evenings until 7:00 p.m. *(Subject to change without notice)*

The Division of Building administers the processing of applications which require review for compliance with the State Building and Fire Codes. They also check applications for compliance with our Town Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision and Land Development Regulations, and refers applications to the Planning Division or Zoning Board of Appeals where necessary.

The Permits Section manages the permit intake, plan review and approval and permit issuance.



Forms & Applications 

Please fill out the application in its entirety and bring to the Building Division along with all other required documents.


Hand drawn plan requirements for interior alterations

Detached Accessory Structures and Decks, Garage Conversions.

Alterations and Accessory Structures Hand Drawn Plans

Building Permit Application

Main Building Addition, Accessory Building Addition, Change of Use/Occupancy, Coal Stove, Decks, Demo, Interior Alteration, Finished Cellar, Fire Damage Repair, Fireplace (Free/Insert), Hot Tub, Solar Panels or Pool

Building Permit

Compliance Permit Compliance Permit - Residential
Deed affidavit Deed Affidavit
Demolition Permit application Demolition
Electrical  Inspection Certificate Qualified Agencies
Electrical Certificates
Equine Livestock Permit Application
Equine Permit
Field Change Process
Field Change Requirements

Finished Cellar Permit Requirements Residential

Finished Cellar Residential Requirements

Fireplaces Requirements for Factory Manufactured Fireplaces and Related Chimney- Inserts and Freestanding

Factory Manufactured Requirements

Plumbing/HVAC Permit

Garage Conversion

Alterations and Accessory Structures Hand Drawn Plans

Homeowner's Affidavit

Affadavit of exemption to show specific proof of workers compensation insurance coverage  for a 1,2,3 or 4 family owner-occupied residence.

Homeowner's Affidavit (BP-1)

Home Occupation

Requirements for submission of special permit application.


Home Occupation Requirements
Plumbing / HVAC Permit Application

Lawn Sprinklers Requirements

Plumbing/HVAC Permit

Manufactured/Modular Home Permit Requirements- Mobile Home Parks

Manufactured/Modular Home Requirements

Building Permit

Pod Requirements Pod Requirements

Pools and Hot tubs

In-Ground, Above-Ground and Alarms

 Pool - Above Ground Application

 Pool - In Ground Application 

Pool Alarm Requirements

 Pool, Hot Tub & Spa Safety Brochure

 Frequently Asked Questions

Prove It to Move It Program Prove It to Move It Program
Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Requirements
Signature Affidavit Signature Affidavit
Temporary Trailer Permit Application Temporary Trailer Permit Application


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Commercial Forms & Applications 
Return completed forms to the Building Department
New York State Building Code Evaluation Summary  2016 NYS Building Code Evaluation Summary
Building Permit Application-Commercial  Building Permit Application
Change of Use Requirements- Commercial  Change of Use Requirements - Commercial 
Commercial Building Permit Requirements (2016) Commercial Building Permit Requirements (2016)
Commercial Energy Code Requirements (2016) Commercial Energy Code Requirements (2016)
Commercial Solar Panel Certificate Requirements (2016) Commercial Solar Panel Certificate Requirements (2016)
Compliance Permit Requirements- Commercial  Compliance Permit Requirements - Commercial
Compliance Permit Application- Commercial- Structures 4 Years and Older  Compliance Permit Application
Elevator Permit Application 


 Elevator Permit Application
High Pile Commodity Information (2016) High Pile Commodity Information (2016)

High Pile Rack Information (2016)

High Pile Rack Information (2016)
Interior Alteration Requirements- Commercial  Interior Alteration Requirements
NYSUC Affidavit of Professional Certificate for Elevator Permit (2016) NYSUC Elevator Certification Permit (2016)
Procedures for Permitting Shell/Vacant Buildings (2016) Procedures for Permitting Shell/Vacant Buildings (2016)
Structural Code Compliance Requirement for Wood Framed and Cold Formed Steel Framed Buildings (2016) 2016-2017 Structural Bulletin
Type I and Type II Kitchen Hood Submittal Checklist (2016)

2016 Commercial Hood Worksheet


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Fee Schedule


Plumbers Examining Board
James Lange, Chairman
Michael J. Barone   Joseph J. Bruno
Sean Conlon   Anthony M DiFede
Richard Leo   Peter Russo


Planning Division: (631) 224-5450 
Building Division: Permits: (631) 224-5466  Records: (631) 224-5470
Engineering Division: (631) 224-5360
Zoning Board of Appeals: (631) 224-5489
Economic Development: (631) 224-5512

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