Multi-purpose Recycling Facility

Multi-purpose Recycling Facility
1155 Lincoln Ave
Holbrook, New York 11741
(631) 595-3422
Monday - Friday7:00 am - 2:45 pm SaturdayClosed

From a small-scale, pilot project started in 1980, Islip’s WRAP program has truly come a long way. It has been said that the WRAP program in Islip is similar to the US Postal Service, in that recyclable material keeps on coming. The WRAP center, located on Lincoln Avenue in Holbrook, processes on average more than six hundred thousand (600,000) pounds of recyclables weekly. In 2005, the facility processed more than thirty-four (34) million pounds of material.

The recycling program in the Town of Islip incorporates a split system of pick up. Newspapers, magazines and brown corrugated cardboard are placed in the WRAP container on alternate Wednesdays, with food and beverage cans, glass bottles and jars, and plastic bottles placed in the WRAP containers the remaining Wednesdays. Bulk Metal items (washer, dryer, refrigerators, bikes, etc.) and all other metal items are collected every Wednesday. Download our WRAP Calendar, which has all the recycling information you need, and keep it in an accessible location so that you may refer to it when necessary. 

Recycling Educator
Through the services of a full-time Recycling Educator, a recycling film and a PreK-12 recycling curriculum, both adults and children are educated about the importance of waste reduction and recycling. This dual commitment of Town and residents allows for the long-term success of these solid waste practices.


Current Fee Schedule:

  • Residential Rubbish - $95 ton
  • Drop-Off Recyclables - $25 ton
  • Waste Oil - no charge up to five (5) gallons
  • White Metal Goods - $25 ton
  • Auto Batteries - no charge